Bluetooth Trucker is helping you to make a wise Bluetooth® headset decision.  We offer Bluetooth trucker headsets  from the top manufacture available today. VXi BLUEPARROTT. Competitively priced and shipped at a reasonable charge.  Choose your style with confidence because we only carry products that work and are used by fellow truckers.
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Handsfree commercial truckers use of cellular phones is permitted only when the driver can answer, dial and terminate a call with a one-button touch. In addition, the phone must be located where the driver can easily reach it and press a single button while being restricted by a seat belt. Push-to-talk phone operation is not allowed.  Bluetooth® style is the current technology widley used and accepted for the commercial driver.
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Making a decision on which one is the best trucker headset is a daunting task. For what works best for one trucker, might not be the one that suits your needs.  Remember your voice has a factor in the quality of the sound reproduced.  Having worked in the field of communications for years and talking to many truckers that use these headsets, I have found that some voices work better than others.  One of the biggest mistakes made is talking to loud.  Often when I speak to a trucker using a headset they will try to speak over the ambient noise level in the truck.  Doing this causes the mike to be over driven and distorted.  Words run together and communication becomes a struggle just to understand the conversation.  Remember the mike is muting out the background noise and not your voice, so speaking over the truck noise has no advantage.  Speak slow and at a lower level.  By doing this your voice will sound better no matter what brand or type you are using
Something else to remember, you don't have to wear the headset full time.  Some truck drivers will put it in easy reach and pick it up if a call comes in or they need to make a call.  Setting your phone up for voice commands will make it much easier to make calls by just stating the contacts name.
For truckers that require the Best trucker headset need to look at the newest model from BLUEPARROTT.  The B450XT has the best sound  and...
Full Trucker Headsets for those who want the best way for truckers to communicate on the road...
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Priced $120-150.00
BLUEPARROTT 3 WAY Trucker Headset
The most versatile Trucker Headset out there. For those who would like the option to use a Bluetooth headset as a ear version or a full headset.  This blueparrot headset allows you to change wearing style based off your need for the task. Behind the ear, over the ear or headband.  "Use in the truck either way and add headset when you like the security of the best comunication without knocking the device off your ear".
For truckers that refuse to wear a Blue Parrott headset,
NOW you can make your OEM stereo BLUETOOTH handsfree.
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No Headset Style
Xpressway II
CK 3000
Offering the THE BEST trucker headset  BLUEPARROTT headsets are still the BEST truckers headset .
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